Projector Screen (II) (Model:Deluxe Electric Screen)
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Model:Deluxe Electric Screen
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Deluxe Electric Screen
~ Exellent Color Presentation
~ Displaying high resolution of the screen
~ Free of Hot Spot and Curling
~ Advanced tubular motor driving device featuring smooth and silent operation
~ Elegant Metal housing design ensure distinctive quality
~ Screen Size limit control switch to meet your requirement
~ Inclusive of manual and wireless remote control
Saiz Available
6'W x 6'H (Screen Saiz :183 x 183cm) (View Area : 178 x 178cm)
6'W x 8'H (Screen Saiz :183 x 244cm) (View Area :1783 x 1234cm)
7'W x 7'H (Screen Saiz : 213 x 213cm) (View Area : 203 x 203cm)
8'W x 8'H (Screen Saiz : 244 x 244cm) (View Area : 234 x 234cm)
6'W x 10'H (Screen Saiz : 244 x 205cm) (View Area : 234 x 295cm)
9'W x 12'H (Screen Saiz : 274 x 366cm) (View Area : 264 x 356cm)
12'W x 12'H (Screen Saiz : 366 x 366cm) (View Area : 356 x 356cm)

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