Projector Screen (IV) (Model:Portable Floor Screen)
Projector Screen (IV) (Model:Portable Floor Screen) Projector Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor Supplier, Office Supply, Manufacturer | KS Office Supplies Sdn Bhd
Model:Portable Floor Screen
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Portable Floor Screen

~ Most new and flexible Portable Screen
~ Special Matte white fabric material with black border
~ Super Light weight, Easy to Carry
~ Stylish carrying case for storage & transport
~ Modern Aluminium case Housing
~ Easy to set up
~ Come with Hydrailic Gas System to auto Push up the
   floor Screen & stabilise it
Saiz Available
36"W x 48"H (91 x 122cm) (Diagonal : 60"/152cm) (Ratio : 4:3)
48"W x 64"H (122 x 163cm) (Diagonal : 80"/203cm) (Ratio : 4:3)
60"W x 80"H (152 x 203cm) (Diagonal : 100"/254cm) (Ratio : 4:3)


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